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Cloud is a revolutionary wave that has been transforming IT for more than a decade now. The virtualization of the cloud is all about nimble way of doing things than traditional IT methods and has enabled organizations to reap benefits including massive scalability, expanded agility, and low expenses. Let us analyze the following IT arenas that have been toppled by Cloud

My previous blog on Database migration made easy discussed the things to be kept in mind while migrating your database using DMS. This very article will discuss the points in continuation to it. AWS DMS Create Task Options During your database migration, below are the options which can be considered when creating a task. > Start Task on Create: DMS starts the task when

As organizations are preparing to relocate their database workloads to AWS, they also feel the need for changing the database engine. There can be various reasons for this; moving to the open-source engine to reduce cost, policy changes etc. For organizations, whose workloads are on AWS, and want to change database engine, AWS DMS works as a solution for them.

The utilization of cloud technology is on a precise surge, as businesses are becoming more and more aware of the numerous benefits cloud can have in terms of efficiency and profitability. Even if it’s private, public or hybrid, the technology is now used by almost every organization. The reasons which may increase the significance of cloud migration among the enterprises

Shrinking capital budgets, rising competition, and rapid technological progress are making it increasingly difficult for businesses to just keep up with the trends. In such a scenario, MSPs, due to their predictable expense and gamut of services, are a boon to organizations looking to implement cutting-edge business practices to enhance revenues. MSPs have emerged as an inevitable part of any modern

What potential does Managed Services have? Managed Services is the new offering across the IT industry in wake of the revolution put forth by Cloud. As technology progresses, Managed Services Provider also known as MSP has the potential to evolve according to needs of enterprises and can mould a path of easy management of IT services. Progressive Infotechtracks the essence

While cloud is enabling self-service and self-provisioning along with cost optimization, IT and business management are now shifting their emphasis to governance, integration, security and business continuity. With the advent of more hybrid cloud strategies leading to a complex relationship between user groups, deployment environments, security zones, departmental usage policies, industry regulations and geographic restrictions cloud governance becomes a larger

Google Cloud Platform is a public cloud platform offered by Google. It was first released on October 6, 2011. It offers a suite of services. A global fiber network, connecting you to the world. Analytics that crunch petabytes in minutes. Features of Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform (GCP)services are categorized into following high-level categories in a console. Compute Storage Networking Stack Driver (Monitoring

Quick recap!! In my previous article, I briefed you about “the Artificial Neural Network” and how things actually process in the background while creating an Artificial neural network. I hope you remember about ‘the Activation Function’ An activation function is the most important portion when we talk about ‘Neurons study’. As we know an activation function is a sum of the