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E-Waste Management

The production of electrical and electronic devices is the fastest-growing sector of manufacturing industry in industrialized countries. At the same time, technological innovation and intense marketing engender a rapid replacement process. Every year, 20 to 50 million tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment waste (“e-waste”) are generated world-wide, which could bring serious risks to human health and the environment. As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are committed to reducing waste through our purchasing policies and disposal Initiatives. We ensure proper E-waste collection, recycling, treatment of hazardous materials under eco-friendly norms.

As per global practice, the lifespan of all IT resources spanning from procurement to discarding shall be managed in a fashion which conforms to sound ecological norms as detailed in the IT E-Waste guidelines.

This includes:

  • Preferential dealing with IT vendors having sound E-Waste management processes.
  • Extending the useful life of IT assets to postpone / minimize generation of E-Waste.
  • Responsible disposal processes conforming to regulatory requirements and best practices.

The e-waste generated within Progressive is recycled through certified agencies that follow recycling process as per international norms which is further sorted out & disposed categorically. We monitor the agencies according to guidelines given by the relevant pollution control authorities, by diverting electronic waste from landfills and using environment friendly processing, we make sure the environment is saved from pollution.

We, at Progressive, ensure that all of these products are:

  • Assessed and judged for their utility value
  • Position to further use till the maximum level possible
  • Organized, collected and managed from among the huge mounds of the other kinds of non-reusable e-wastes