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Every business operates differently and requires adoption of an increasing number of cloud services to accelerate application access. This creates a challenge for IT to integrate services across different cloud platforms, eventually, resulting in costly, error-prone measures.
We understand that your organization needs a trusted and future-proofed hybrid cloud solution offering better speed, security, and flexibility for your applications.
Our hybrid cloud solution maximizes the potential of digitally transforming your business by optimizing your legacy applications and data, migrating to the new platform, and driving innovation at a faster pace.

Datacenter Migration

Our data center migration services tailored to your business gives you a blend of expertise, reliability and efficiency. The outcomes are faster adoption rate with minimized risk, greater agility and business value. From cloud assessment, proof-of-concept (POC) to seamless migration and management, we enable you to prevail with cloud enablement and automation.

Leveraging best-in-class tools and industry’s best practices, Progressive ensures a smooth and secure migration of your data center to a more efficient environment – Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud with minimal downtime and the highest levels of availability.

Expanding to the cloud from silos without compromising security or control is no more an option; it is the only way forward to accelerating business growth. Our data center migration services provide a comprehensive solution, including data center management, analysis & discovery, planning, and execution, in order to streamline IT infrastructure, eliminate unnecessary operational expenses, enhance productivity, and set up an establishment for hybrid cloud, virtual or converged infrastructure.

The Cloud Migration process we follow is a planned approach which includes application portfolio analysis and migration of applications in a phased manner depending on various factors such as application criticality, compatibility, and complexity. Our hybrid approach to migration delivers an accelerated data center solution with minimal or no dependency errors.
Whether it’s Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud (an integration of Private and Public cloud models), we seamlessly plan, deploy and optimize your data center with added scalability of cloud resources.

Why Progressive?

  • Azure Expert MSP – one of the few Azure MSPs in India
  • Audited AWS MSP
  • From on-premises to public cloud – the whole nine yards of IT taken care of

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